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The world of Amalia had been at war since the beginning of memory.  Every realm had dragons defending them and conquering on their behalf.  While the nobles thrived, the poor languished in fear and famine.  One day a powerful wizard arose from the poor.  This wizard put the dragons in every realm under stasis then shattered them!  The wealthy were relieved of their power.  Peace and plenty reigned.

One hundred years later portals began to open and beasts from another dimension started kidnapping Amalian citizens.  The citizens, rich and poor alike, are defenseless against these incursions.  The nations of Amalia are rushing to reassemble their dragons and remove the stasis spell to stop this threat.  Yet old rivalries have also reemerged and the nations are sabotaging each other’s efforts.

In Shattered you draw and play cards to reassemble your whimsical dragon before your opponents do. If your opponents are nearing completion you can even engage in a bit of sabotage!

Taking advantage of your trusted companion’s unique ability, hurry and save your kingdom!

Shattered is an asymmetrical game and not all dragons were shattered as thoroughly as others. Taking a greater risk leads to better reward! Choose the most difficult dragon as your champion and get first choice on companions!

Shattered is being designed as a 2-4 player game in the base version with content packs to expand up to 8 players. The goal is for players as young as 5 to be able to play this whimsical game! Come have fun with cute dragons and competitive gameplay!